Locally Sourced. Seasonally Inspired. Real Food.

About Us

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We are: in love, concerned, hopeful, parents, neighbors, hungry, and youthful… in spirit. We are also a retired Air Force pilot and a conservation biologist parlaying our varied backgrounds into a fast-casual restaurant that uses great, sustainable, locally-sourced ingredients to make seasonally-inspired, scratch-made food accessible to more people by shortening the service timeline and lowering the price-point.

And, if you don’t have minutes to wait for a clever twist on regional classics, there is a grab-n-go market so you can take the farm back to YOUR table!  We also have yummy treats from our local partners (Farmstead Ferments water kefir & seasonal krauts, Mountain Culture Kombucha, Kirt’s Ice Cream, C-ville Candy, Shenandoah Joe’s coffee & La Vache Caramels, local beers & wines).

— Ken & Dani Notari, owners



Jarod Adams — Head Line/Prep Cook0711161635

His name likely seems familiar…Jarod is also a recovering rock star, but the metaphorical kind.  This former executive chef at the Clifton Inn stopped-in to see what we were all about and was impressed with our “good clean food” and professional work ethic.  Jarod is a literal neighbor who took a break from the cooking scene to focus on a blossoming construction salvage start-up, but still checks-his-culinary box a few shifts a week with us.  Jarod liberally shares his tremendous experience in local restaurants and has allowed us to take a giant leap forward in menu development and kitchen operations.



12036708_1057751110932338_7176884037815995784_n[1]Julie Herdon — Front of the House

Julie is a Navy brat who earned her degree in English Lit from the University of Iowa, as far from the sea as possible. As a freelance illustrator and writer, she has enjoyed the freedom to live in several great US cities and used this perspective to shape her art…and our menu boards. A black belt in tae kwon do, Julie doubles as our bouncer/resident badass when she isn’t busy arting and the like. When asked who were the 3 people she would most like to have lunch with she listed: 1) Herman Hesse; 2) Annie Dillard; and, 3) Bertolt Brecht – great conversation, crappy tippers!





Jeffery Barksdale — Dishwasher 0909151545

No question, Jeffery is the guy we want to represent us front-n-center. Officially, he’s our dishwasher, but he’s also the hardest working man at Nude Fude and the engine that allows the kitchen to hum. Quick with a joke and even faster in the dish pit, Jeff brings tremendous energy to the restaurant. Hailing from the Danville-area, Jeff used his skills developed as an Eagle Scout to great success at the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind before making his way to Cville. When not slaying dishes, Jeff enjoys live music and brags about the 2 DMB shows he’s notched already this year.



Kerri Demaio — Front of the House 0310161243a

Kerri is a Cville native, a true denizen of Hooville!  She’s been here so long it’s impossible to discuss any retail space because she “still remembers when that used to be……” including the many faces of 2800 Hydraulic Rd!  Fiercely proud of her AHS/JJMS children, Jacob and Kora, Kerri spends weekends soccer-momming all over the Commonwealth.  She recently returned from Carnival in Trinidad, so if she seems a little off her game, it’s just island time, mon!





Christian Hall — Prep/Line Cook

Another walk-to-work neighbor, Christian also has many, many years of experience under his belt.  A Wisco transplant, he combines a Midwest work ethos with a mid-Atlantic sensibility – Christian picked-up recipes lickity-split and line operations just as quickly.  Can’t say we don’t miss the Jenn Machine, but Christian has forged his own spot in our hearts.


Shannon Rose Parry — Front of the House 0312161535 - Copy

Shannon hails from New Hampsh’a, but has grown solid roots here in the Cvill-area.  She is a culinarian by trade (a J-Dub grad…sorry, Johnson & Wales) and is saving her pennies to launch her own venture as a personal chef. We are fortunate to employ her vast knowledge of FOH ops, a subject she teaches at PVCC, to help hone our service model/practices and put provide outstanding service to our PM patrons. In addition to spending her free time shaping her business plan along with her husband, Sam, Shannon enjoys time with her JRT, Roxie, and making her killer Scooby-snacks (our sons find them irresistible too!).



Locally Sourced.  Seasonally Inspired.  Real Food.


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